Who is jasmine v dating

She is dating Bieber“Those are all rumors,” she says. We’re just really cool friends.” Jasmine, who attended Bieber’s recent 16th birthday bash, adds, “When I’ve hung out with him, it’s always been with a bunch of people.” The pair did share a scripted kiss during the video shoot – which didn’t make the final cut – but Jasmine insists there was nothing romantic to it: “It was like work.” Still, she does have a fondness for the “sweet” pop star.

“He’s super-talented, very nice and very down-to-earth.” 2.

We rent Red Box movies and buy a bunch of stuff that we don't really need. He has five Vitamin Waters, three apple juices, 10 bags of chips…but he leaves it there! 17: So we posted on Facebook to your fans to see if they had any questions for you, and they want to know if music was the only thing that you ever wanted to do? A lot of girls come up to me and are like, 'I feel bad for judging you before I met you because you're really cool, and you're just like a normal girl.' And it's cool to see the change in people's attitudes.

JV: Ever since I was little, I had a musical family. But I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was younger. Growing up I had two dogs, four parakeets, five turtles, three cockatiels, a baby cockatiel and two hermit crabs, and I had to take care of all of them on my own. 17: Your fans also want to know: What's Justin Bieber really like? JV: I think that he's a really cool, down-to-earth person, just like any other 16-year-old boy. But regardless, there's always going to be someone that hates me — just like anybody else in the world.

Jasmine V.) “I got a lot of good responses and I actually gained some fans,” says the 16-year-old.

“But a lot of girls are like, ‘Stay away from my man! ’ ” The truth is, there’s plenty to love about the bubbly San Jose, Calif., native: 1.

Don't call her Justin Bieber's "Baby" because Jasmine Villegas is ready to make her own name in pop music — and she's worked hard for it!

“I sang more songs for him, and he ended up sending out a video to a couple people, and that’s how I got my manager.” Soon, she was performing the national anthem for teams including the Los Angeles Clippers, the Angels, the Dodgers, and the Lakers. Music isn’t even her first career Before she became a singer, Jasmine was a model and actress. “It was my first music video I was ever in,” she says.If there's no hate, then you're not doing anything right. And that's why I wrote the song "Clap for the Haters."What do you think about Jasmine and her new song? Thanks to her personal Web site and You Tube videos, she now has fans all over the world, and she often interacts with them via Twitter and Skype. Her first album is due out later this year Jasmine’s song “Serious” helped her get a deal with Epic Records, and she’s currently recording songs for her first album, which she expects to cross a pop sound with urban attitude.Jasmine’s international fans are such a dedicated bunch that they won’t let time zone issues get in their way of chatting with her. She hopes to walk in the footsteps of her idol: Alicia Keys.

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