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Get data insights to tailor content, promotions, pricing, payments and products for specific audiences.Our Commerce Cloud is built for global with 50 automatically configured locales so you can sell effectively in each market.It’s no secret, online shoppers are calling the shots when it comes to fulfillment.To deliver on lofty expectations, plug into our global network of warehouses and logistics partners.

Used by banks in some countries as an indirect method of earning fees, and in such cases can make assessing bank charges very difficult.The result of all this insightful tailoring is a significant jump in conversions, sales and retention.When you know how to handle the country-by-country nuances, you expand your brand reach and multiply your opportunities.They were also asked to consider how confident and masculine he seemed from the picture.They were then given the written profiles of 25 different men and again asked how attractive each seemed for a date, for sex and for a long-term committed relationship.

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