Toilet sex dating

The television producer crouched beside John Betjeman’s wheelchair and asked the 77-year-old poet laureate if he had any regrets.“Yes,” said Sir John, “I haven’t had enough sex.” Coming from somebody so distinguished in the world of literature such a raunchy answer was a bit of a surprise, at least to younger viewers.

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The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department recently posted a photo on its Facebook page featuring three smiling officers all wearing surgical gloves.

She and her family have no idea what the Mad Pooper’s motives are and why she is so public about her bathroom habits.

that there are a number of public restrooms in the vicinity, so she believes the female jogger is “targeting” the area, calling the Mad Pooper’s actions “intentional.” The habitual runner reportedly does try to clean up after herself by bringing her own paper napkins to the scene of her evacuations, rather than leaving a mess on the ground, the notes.

Although images of the woman have been plastered all over social media, the Mad Pooper has managed to elude authorities thus far.

Nevertheless, publicity surrounding the female jogger’s unsanitary behavior has gotten the attention of Charmin, who tweeted a generous offer to the woman hoping it will stop her indecent jaunts.

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