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My social life has mostly comprised of people I knew when I first got to Thailand 6 years ago.I refused to go to meetups or expat events because ..The rich cultural heritage of art and handicrafts is one of Indonesia's true national riches.Indonesian art forms can include designs traced back to early animistic beliefs, ancestor worship, Hindu or Buddhist influenced motifs brought by Indian traders, Chinese or Islamic symbols and beliefs.The rich artistic traditions of Bali, where traditionally each person must develop skills in a particular art form - be it dance, music, or visual arts has lead to the creation of a vibrant artistic community.Foreign artists have been drawn to Bali for centuries due to this unique cultural synergy.Handicrafts also developed from the usage of every day household items which were decorated and used for ceremonial purposes.Witness the wide variety of uses of natural woods, fibers, bamboo, rattan and grasses.

Immigrants from China, India, the Arab world and later Europe traveled to the archipelago in search of the unique spices grown in Indonesia.

Museums in Jakarta and in other major cities display priceless artifacts from Indonesia's vibrant history.

Join a tour at the National Museum, visit the Textile or Keris museum and you will quickly discover the rich cultural heritage of Indonesian art.

In addition, the purchase of various handicrafts is often associated with special memories ...

wonderful memories of vacations, the tukang and the fun of searching for the right piece.

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