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There was no thought of Charles, or that she was married. She knew, absolutely knew, at that moment that financially she would be secure. Each took her missionary style, with some fast fucking. Startled, she realized that she was about to have her first orgasm by another man. She moaned, twisted, and clamped her cunt for Phil's cock, who was riding her. When Betty returned to the bar, she saw Charles talking to Phil and Frank. She slid over to where she could catch what was being said. One night here, and I would make more then I do in three weeks." "Yes, I know that." "Then you have to let me do it too. That way if a girl were to say no, that she can't go blabber her mouth about you back in Jamestown." Two days later, there were seven good-looking chicks that a guy could take to his room, for a price, at Lake View.

There are several wineries in that area that might have jobs. In it, he noted that a motel and bar called Lake View was for sale. The asking price for both was seventy-five thousand dollars. The bar sat thirty at booths, and another ten at the bar. She was nothing like either Lynn or Charles had imagined. When she learned that Betty had also lost her parents, Lynn thought of Betty as a friend. Lynn was wearing a sheer black teddy when they entered. She is scared, but she needs money in the worst way. "I'll be in room twenty, if anyone calls for me." Donna saw Betty walk two men towards the far end of the motel. Betty had carefully picked up the two best-dressed men in the bar. She wanted to be sure that they were savvy men, who would understand and utilize the information that she was about to tell them. Betty had told them that another woman would join them. Lynn is a married woman who has only had one lover in her life. Phil said, "With all due respect, Betty, if you don't mind, I want to do Lynn." "So do I," said Frank. Give me the money, gentlemen." The money changed hands. The beach was coated with a film of oil that would take a year or more to dissipate. That, with his saving was enough to buy the Lake View. In the meantime, the bar and motel limped along, even thou it was in peak season. By the second week of her stay, the motel was seeing half the rooms filled. An adjuster for the ship owner had settled with Hubert for his loss of income for seventy thousand. Word of mouth among the peddlers, and other road warriors, brought more business each night.

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