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I took out a contract with Telkom for LTE line, in the contract it stated when the contract date is expired, the client has to give 30days notice in writing to cancel the contract or else they will continue to deduct.

I gave 30days notice in August 2017 in writing to the e-mail they provided.

I have been calling and sending emails to MTN since the first week of November and until now I still have not received data.

I was always informed to wait for up to 72 hours as my complain " has been escalated" on 2017/12/01 I called again and this time I was informed that data was not...

When I picked up the phones on Friday 8th December 2017, I bought two covers for them as well, without looking at the covers as I could not try these on as these phones were not for me to use, Viwe said the IPhone 7 & 8 cases were the same and pointed some out to me. i took out a cellphone contract with vodacom online, then they device that is not working, upon that, i logged a call to inform them about the device and ever since then, i was told that they will arrange pick up but its more than two months with this device. Phone now 4 years old and would like to upgrade but thanks to mondi mobile must wait till December 2018. Now after all this time they state that i still owing an amount which is a cancelation fee which they did not explain to me.

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The local residents and the visitors are all disgusted at the service level .

However, the company didn't stop there they kept sending her SMS demanding payment for airtime billing she never used or received from them. Placed an order for a special, paid, agents entered incorrect details, techie sent to wrong address for installation, new order placed, still not able to get hold of any supervisor or management for assistance.

Every time ome calls the call centre on 10213 to follow up, one waits up to 30mins before call is answered only to be told there's nothing that can be done.

all tfg card holders stay clear of this provider the terms are tempting but they are all just a bunch of hippocrits. I had 4 contract phones which i paid up in full in october 2017.

I upgraded two of our corporate contracts at the MTN store in Ballito Junction Mall, the process was smooth even though they did not have stock of the and I have to back in to get what I wanted. their service sucks mbali Agreed to a data bundle purchasing and they have upgraded my then 3 year old phone. I have phoned for a settlement amount and i went to the store itself. After i have settled i phoned in to find out whether my account is fully sorted and they told me yes its sorted.

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