Kezia noble dating

Shaun Michaels, aka Discovery, has spent the past decade coaching men in the art of seduction.'If you take longer than three seconds you will talk yourself out of it - and you'll probably creep her out if she saw you looking,' says Shaun of his tried and tested methods for winning over the opposite sex.

At the heart of Shaun's approach is his ‘three-second rule’, the crucial 'make or break' period within which he says the success - or failure - of any attempted seduction is sealed. It is like driving a car and it’s something you can use when needed.

Dilated pupils are a huge sign that a female is sexually attracted to the man with whom she’s speaking.

Scroll down for video Kezia demonstrates, along with the help of the coaches she employs, how to approach a woman in various scenarios.'What I teach, I think is manipulative to a certain extent', she admits, but Kezia believes all women manipulate the opposite sex, too.Finally, letting you know she’s single is a big sign your crush is looking for some romance.They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and it’s true when flirting.By the way…” and you say this to the pretty friend, “you should really treasure a friend like that.She’s got your back”.'First of all, it's your call.

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