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Since I came to Saudi Arabia as the wife of a Saudi citizen, my life resembles something between that of a local and that of an expat.

I live like a local, in a large villa in an upper-middle class neighborhood.

If she comes from a more conservative family, she may not be allowed to do any of those things.

Expat women, for the most part, enjoy a much more relaxed life than the average Saudi woman.

With my inlaws, I am looked at as an honorary member of their tightly knit family, abiding by the unspoken rules of their culture when I’m in public or when they’re around.

I leave those cultural rules at the door when I come home, and live my private life just as I would back home.

Her guardian may be her father, her husband, her uncle, her brother, or even her own son.For the longest time, women’s issues in Saudi Arabia were something I was aware of, but never concerned with, until they began to affect me.Isn’t that the way all causes for change around the world work?If she is not married to a local, an expat woman is not bound by as many religious or social customs of the country, especially not while behind the walls of her compound.She may enjoy a life that very much resembles the one she had back home, with parties, concerts or plays, and social events with friends or the expat community.

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