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Heike, 52, a mother of two who, like others, urged me not to use her last name, claimed the mood in the village was tense after a series of break-ins blamed on refugees.‘There are too many single men and there is nothing for them to do,’ she said.There have also been attacks on buses of refugees and Syrians fleeing civil war.

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This year there have been 306 attacks on refugee accommodations – 46 of them torchings such as the one I witnessed in the eastern state of Thuringia.

In the three-storey house in the neat village of Gerstungen, the smell of smoke and charred wood hangs heavy in the air.

Shards of broken glass crunch beneath my feet and police stickers across the door warn against entry.

The village of about 3,000 people currently hosts 160 refugees, housed in a seedy centre that greets visitors with a warning against xenophobia.

These numbers will rise – and one after another, residents showed sympathy for the aims, if not the actions, of the bombers.

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