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And at least two of the 25 deportees had fled the country after they watched their mothers killed by gang members — knowing that witnesses of gang murders aren't allowed to live.

Now that they've been returned to Honduras, their only priority is to make sure the gang members looking for them don't know they're back in the country.

The Attention Center for the Returned Migrant in San Pedro Sula gives them a new set.

(Stephen Ferry/Human Rights Watch) The good news is that, with far fewer Central American children and families coming into the US in recent months, the government is no longer pressured to take extraordinary measures.

Many of the Hondurans interviewed in the report haven't been able to return to their houses — instead, they're staying with relatives, or moving from house to house every few days, so that gang members don't know they've returned to the country.

One man, who left Honduras after his life was threatened by a gang member who was having an affair with his wife, told the report authors that he couldn't go outside without covering his face: "I put on a motorcycle helmet inside the house to come here." Deported Hondurans are too afraid even to contact their children to let them know they've returned.

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Another man had sent his wife and son to the US after gang members tried to kidnap his son, then left on his own once he heard they were safe.But a report from Human Rights Watch, which interviewed 25 recently deported Hondurans — who researchers found by introducing themselves as deportees off the plane from the US — shows that most of the deportees can't return to their normal lives because gangs have marked them for death.A Honduran man displays the bullet wounds from a gang attack that put him in the hospital for two months.It's possible (although, given the data from previous years, unlikely) that border officials are less dismissive of immigrants who claim they're afraid — or that immigrants have better access to lawyers, even at the border.However, the opening of a new detention center for families in Texas in December indicates that the government intends to detain, and try to deport, Central American immigrants in large numbers for some time.

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