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It’s believed to be the only one of 18 imperial mausoleums of that empire to not have been disturbed. Qianling Museum is built in the compound of the tomb of Princess Yongtai, and the tri-colour glazed pottery, mural paintings and linear carvings on the outer coffin are superb ancient relics.

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Located in Huayin, Weinan with Weihe Plain to the north, it’s a granite mountain that lives on the north side of the dividing ridge on the branch range of the Qinling Mountains.

Its highest peak reaches 2,154.9 metres and, in China, it’s known as ‘the most precipitous mountain under heaven.’ Qianling Mausoleum and Museum Qianling Mausoleum is located in Qianxian county, Xianyang city, and is the joint tomb of China’s only female monarch, Wu Zetian, and her husband, Emperor Gaozong of the Tang dynasty (618–907).

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Shaanxi’s museums and tombs are packed with vestiges of the country’s glorious history, such as bronze vessels from the Western Zhou dynasty (1046–771 BC), a copper carriage from the Qin dynasty (221–207 BC), stone sculptures hailing from the Han dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), gold and silver vessels dating back to the Tang dynasty (AD 618–907), China wares from the Song dynasty (AD 960–1279) and sculptures spanning thousands of years of Imperial China.Shaanxi province is located in the hinterland of China and is one of the world’s most important cradles of Chinese civilisation and culture.It’s home to some of the most impressive relics of the country’s past, with many more still buried beneath its soil.I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.Send Message Ref ID:3e3b6693-edf8-47f1-adf1-002e9c9d802e I am a middle age local Chinese woman, well-educated, nice and young looking, have a pleasant character and enjoy good work-life balance.

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