College dating ideas

There are usually other college students home for the summer, or new to your hometown for internships.And something about that warm weather makes me feel frisky and adventurous!Plus, I genuinely enjoy learning about the complex flavors and fermenting processes for different wines and beers - it makes me feel sophisticated and knowledgeable!

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In all seriousness though, a little physical activity with your significant other will give you both a hobby to grow to love together.Just remember to bring bug spray if you're going to a play near the water - mosquitoes always seem to be extra active there.7. I used to roll my eyes and gag every time I saw a couple holding hands as they longboarded or rollerbladed together on my neighborhood jogging trail.Not only did it seem mushy and pathetic, but also, hello, it looked impractical.My favorite way to enjoy a meal outside, though, is with tons of delectable finger foods - think a gourmet spread of olives, fancy cheeses, whatever berries are on sale at your local farmer's market, chocolate truffles, and warm, crusty bread. Another awesome thing about having a low-key date at the park is there are plenty of built-in activities to do before or after you enjoy your meal. Be sure to finish the outing by giving that pet a treat and taking a few candids to show off on Instagram! For our 21 CF girls, these events can be super fun, and surprisingly draw a very diverse crowd.They're a great way to socialize with other couples, or even meet some new people.

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