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This is what makes literature possible.’Kureishi’s book The Black Album (1996) raised similar controversies; it was seen as a direct response to Rushdie’s fatwa. Not only for sex, which is easy; when you really want them because you like them, you feel very uncomfortable, you’re dependent on them.

But at least for writing, we have a really good story there.

It’s the beginning of everyone’s story.’Searching for good stories is also what got Hanif into employing rather unconventional themes.

Between fetishes and sadomasochism, nothing seems to be too much of a taboo.

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‘I like rich people and I like poor people and I like strange people.

It’s the ordinary people that get on my nerves,’ sums up the English playwright and screenwriter at the Fabula literary festival in Slovenia this spring, who manages to ‘insult’ the audience within his first few seconds onstage The fabula literature festival is slowly becoming a tradition in Slovene literary space.

Having sex perpetually is easy; the complicated thing is really getting involved with somebody, which is much worse and much more painful.

Sex becomes meaningless and can’t be valued, whereas love, like really falling for someone, can change your life.

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