Anastasia russian dating site dating nowadays is quite different than in the past

The third wheel in this three-way conversation is an interpreter, who joins for translation purposes and, according to the site, to “show you in a good light”.

Anastasia Date is not your conventional online dating site, let's make that clear.

My friend used Anastasia and found out it is mostly a scam.

The majority of women on there are professional daters. He went to the Ukraine several times and married a Ukrainian woman for 5 years and then went back on his own.

Interestingly, there is no real encouragement to complete your online dating profile or enhance your own description in any way, with the focus being fully on instigating chats with females and going from there; building a relationship, getting to know each other, etc.

Even the search system is restricted to a small link on the main navigation – presumably because filters, such as those that select results based on distance apart, are of less importance on a site that doesn't prioritise a close location for it's members.

The same set of photos is often used under many names, or the same name can be used with different photos.

A three-way telephone conference is available and allows you to have a conversation with any member on Anastasia Date.

One of the big concerns we had when putting together our review on Anastasia Date was whether we would meet some language barriers when speaking with the female singles.

Generally, we had no problems (on one occasion a girl was slightly emoticon obsessed, but then who isn't these days?!

Once you're inside the members area of the site, the choice is mainly Ukrainian, Romanian and Russian women (we registered as a male for the purpose of this review), which explains the name Anastasia Date.

In recent years the site has removed any blatant mention that it exclusively exists to help western men find Russian women, but although there were other nationalities represented it's clear this is still the site's bread and butter.

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