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The important thing is that your mission statement should be relevant, succinct and work for your group.

Educate the public about the desirability of adopting Italian Greyhounds as companions and family pets in the home.

Duplication, editing, sale or offering to third parties, emailing and uploading to other sites without permission is strictly prohibited and will result in this company taking legal actions according to US law.

If you notice any violation of statement above please contact us at: Customer Support.

Support, welcome, and encourage an active, organized volunteer base of Italian Greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible, forever homes for Italian Greyhounds to live out their natural lives.

Up to 90 credits may be transferred to Felician University.

For these aspirations to become reality however, it is essential that the youth centre is seen to be firmly rooted within the life of the wider parish community, and that wherever possible, young people are provided with the opportunity to participate in the life of that parish community.

Through the programmes, activities and ethos of the centre, the leaders guide and support young people and act as mentors and role models in their personal, social and spiritual development.

Below are a selection of sample mission statements from a variety of charities and non-profit organisations.

As you will see they vary from 1 or 2 tight neat sentences to more elaborate missions and visions.

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