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"Alright," she began, "a few days ago, we asked the both o' you -- especially Mandy -- how much time off from work or school you thought you might be able to take, right around Mandy's spring break. I've talked to some of my instructors, an' they'd all be able to give me another four or five days off, but I'll still have to complete the class homework for those days.The class syllabus tells me what's assigned for each day, an' when it's due, an' there's nothin' there that's so hard that I'd have a problem gettin' it done ahead o' time." "Mike? "We've only got two installs scheduled, so far, for the time she's talkin' about," I told him, "an' I think that Larry's at the point where he can handle bein' in charge for 'em, with Jim or George as a helper.We could make our flight for Wednesday, 'stead o' Monday.

What kinda monkey wrench would that throw in the plans?We were originally plannin' to take her back, an' stay overnight, somewhere close to the airport in Houston.We were thinkin' about flyin' to Los Angeles on Monday, the 27.As always, a big tip of the Stetson to Ciguardian, whose off site comments and suggestions do so very much to improve the storyline and my skills as a writer. Mandy and I finally awoke, finished our morning exercise, and showered and dressed, and then we were in the kitchen around . On Sunday mornings, we usually slept in an hour or so later, and this one was no exception.

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